Become an Author

Become an author

If you think you can make others, to understand what you did “You’re Welcome To Join Our Team”. Anything you know and you want to share with others which you feel it can be important for someone, we welcome people like you to write for us and make others life easy and to reward the attitude of your’s we will pay you if we like your articles.

We eager to expand our “Technical Authors Team” and We hope you will join us.

Topics on which you can write

Can be any Educational Concepts you know, which will make others to understand that concept better.

Can be any tips or trick you can share about something.

Can be your experience with technology

Can be your experience with your job.

Can be your experience with a domain.

Can be your experience with your college.

So More or less you can write about anything but it has to help others in some way and it has to educate people.

Process of submitting the Article

After submitting the articles we will take 1-7 days to analyze your article. Our analysis will be based on certain parameters:-

Your content should be unique and it should not be copied from other’s website.

Content length should be approx 1000 words but we consider articles above 800 words.

Content should be free from any grammatical mistakes.

Content should not violate the Google Policy.

After reading the content, if we feel the article is going to be beneficial for others.

If your articles do not violate these above-mentioned points. A confirmation mail, you will receive regarding the same which will contain the article publishing time, before that,  you will have every rights to stop your article to be published in our website, and we will not question your decision. Before we publish your article we will transfer the amount to your PayPal account. So you are going need one!!.

Note :

After we published the article on our website. you will not be able to unpublish it without our consent.

We can make necessary changes in the article if we feel without asking you but don’t worry your Name will show as an author for that article

If you have any doubt you can ask before submitting the article to us.

If your article is one of the  “Star Articles” on our website, we will give you “Special Rewards”.

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How much we pay for an article?

We will give you minimum $5 per article if we publish your article on our website. 

Maximum Amount we pay for an article?

It depends on below-mentioned points:

The Quality of article.

Length of the article.

Articulation of article.

If the article contains content along with images.

What is “Star Article”?

If people like your article and we get a very good response from users. we upgrade the status of the article to “Star Article”. And when the status of your article change, you will get a mail regarding the same.

What are “Special Rewards”?

We change it on regular basis based on the complex calculation, Besides that it basically depends on the popularity of articles among the Users. But, be sure, you will happy after receiving the “Special Rewards” because it is recurring for the same article.