FIREBASE: How To Send Topic Notification in IOS App

To send Topic Notification in IOS for which we need Firebase Access Key and users should have subscribed to the topic in your app which you will need to do it internally using Firebase SDK in IOS app. Here is the sample of PHP code through which you can send IOS notification to users Topicwise. […]

New Firebase Project

Getting Started with Firebase for iOS Apps

Introduction To Firebase A Mobile Application needs the backend services for performing various like data storage, caching, files hosting, data monitoring etc. Firebase is a cloud based service which helps the developers to focus on the Application architecture all the backend services are taken care by the Firebase cloud like Database, servers etc. Some useful […]

UIScrollView Autolayout Output

Configure a UIScrollView using Auto Layout in XIB

How to configure a UIScrollView using Auto Layout in Interface Builder/XIB. As an iOS developer, we stuck on UIScrollView with dynamic width and height. Today we will be demonstrating you how to handle this easily. In this approach, we are doing this with storyboard only. As per your requirement create your design; desired height and as […]

Creating a Custom UIView Class

UIView Custom Class From XIB

How to create a Custom UIView Class from XIB? When we are developing a project or an application many times we come to a situation where we need to configure UIView elements and we end up writing the code in each and every controllers. This leads to a lot of code, and also if there […]

iOS/Iphone Tutorial

Interview Questions on iOS App Development

We have mentioned some Interview Questions on iOS App Development with Swift in this Article. What is the difference between let and var in swift? let and var are kind of variables in swift, but both have different usages. If you want to define a variable of which you are sure that that value is […]