iOS Architecture and Development Environment Setup

iOS Tutorial: iPhone Operating System Architecture.

In this article, we would be dealing with the architecture of iPhone Operation System or we can say the iOS Architecture. With the help of this article, we will have a basic idea about the iPhone App development environment.

System Architecture

When it comes to iOS Architecture, it mainly comprises of 4 layers: Cocoa Touch Layer, Media Service Layer, Core Service Layer, Core OS Layer and iPhone Hardware. A flow diagram of the iOS Architecture is given below.


iOS Tutorial: iPhone Operating System Architecture.
iPhone Operating System Architecture Diagram

Now we will discuss them in detail.

Cocoa Touch Layer: It is the topmost layer and all the frameworks used under iOS Application development comes under this layer.

Media Service Layer: It provides the iPhone OS with capabilities like animations, audio, visual and graphics, it also consists of specially designed frameworks for the mentioned activities.

Core Services Layer: It is the foundation layer over which the above-mentioned layers are constructed.

Core OS Layer: This layer provides services like networking, accessing external accessories, memory management, file handling threading operations etc.

iPhone Hardware: Hardware devices are managed by iPhone OS and provide the technologies needed for implementing native applications on the phone. The OS comes with several system applications such as Mail, Safari, calling etc. which provide standard services to the user.



There are some pre-requisites before starting iPhone Application development, those are mentioned below:

  • Mac Machine: Mac Mini/MacBook/ I Mac with latest OS (Depending on your requirements.)
    • Mac Mini
      • Model: Latest to be owned as with passing time the performance gets affected.
      • Storage: SSD over HDD is preferred, SSD increases performance but it’s low in memory space if you keep other stuff other than the projects you might come up with low on storage warnings, so an external Hard-drive would be recommended.
      • RAM: 8GB and +.
      • Graphics: As per requirements.
      • Display: 15+ inches display, any brand would do.
      • Keyboard and mouse.
    • MacBook
      • MacBook Pro with retina is recommended.
      • SSD Storage, but external Hard-drive is recommended.


  • I Mac
    • 5 Inches display would do + retina display, but if budget is not a problem go with iMac pro.
  • Development Tools: Xcode 8+, Postman is recommended for developers, it allows faster development as we can have the request and response in front of us.
  • If the Machine set up is done, open App store and download the latest Xcode, once done with this we are all set for starting App development.

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