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How to  create Bootable Media

We are now going to install CentOS 7 from a bootable USB drive. To create a bootable USB drive of CentOS 7 we need

  • CentOS 7 iso image file
  • A USB drive with minimum 4GB space

Follow the procedure given below to create CentOS 7 bootable USB drive in very easy way.

Assuming your USB drive path is like /dev/sdb and absolute path of CentOS 7 iso is /CentOS7.iso.

  1. Plug in the USB drive
  2. Unmount the USB drive partition if it is automatically mounted
  3. Use “fdisk” to delete any partition created in the USB drive and create a single VFAT partition
  4. Format the newly created VFAT partition with “mkfs.vfat” command
  5. Use “dd” command to write the CentOS 7 iso image file to the USB drive.
    dd if=<Path to CentOS 7 iso> of=<USB drive path>
dd if=/CentOS7.iso of=/dev/sdb


Start the machine and boot from a USB drive. You will see the menu as given in below image. Here we have to select “Install CentOS 7” menu entry.

Linux Tutorial : Linux Installtion


Once CentOS system installer Anaconda starts, we will be asked to set the language preferences to use during installation.

Select the language as you want and click on “Continue” button.

Linux Tutorial : Linux Installation


Select “Server with GUI” from “Software selection” and click on “Done” button.

Linux Tutorial : Linux Installation


In “Installation Destination” select the disk which you want to use for installation of CentOS. Also, select “I will configure partitioning” on the same menu and click on “Done” button.

Linux Tutorials : Linux Installation

Create three partitions as shown in the image.

/boot -> 500MB -> xfs
/     -> 12GB  -> xfs
swap  -> 256MB -> swap

After creating partitions click on “Done” button.

Linux Tutorial : Linux Installation


Click on “Begin Installation” button once all the components have been configured correctly.Linux Installation


The installation process will start now and you will need to set a password for “root” user and create a new regular user.

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