Get familiar with the testing process in the organization

software testing tutorial

Get familiar with the testing process in the organization and know about: what is a Build?, How a QC team starts their testing and what is software installation process.

What is a Build in software testing?

A build is a piece of software which is copied, unzipped and installed on the testing server. All the programs and files are compiled and then compressed (compressed file should be in .zip, .rar, .war, .gunzip, .tar, .jar) and stored in one location, the compressed file is known as build which is copied and pasted in the test environment, installed and we start testing the software.

How industry works in software testing

CASE 1: – Test Engineer is installing the software

how industry works in software testing


The developers once get the whole requirement, they start developing the software. As each feature or module is built, the code is compiled, compressed and stored in a compressed file. In the above example, the first build is shown. As soon as the first build is ready, the development lead sends a mail to the test lead saying that the first build is ready and they can start testing. He also gives the name of the server and the file in which the first build is stored. The test engineer then goes to the development server and copies the file to the testing server. Test engineer unzips the file and install the software on the testing server and allows the various features of the first build to be tested by the testing team.


CASE 2: – Developer is installing the software


When the developer is installing the software in the testing environment, and test engineer team should open the browser, copy the URL that is sent by the developer and paste it in the browser. If the developer installs, they’ll give username and password. The test lead then logs in using the given the username and password and creates his own username and password through which the testing team will log in and start testing the software.


CASE 3: – Release engineer / Build Engineer


Release engineer is the one who manages the source code. If the developers are working at the different location, the release engineer first installs a Version Control Tool and creates a folder in the tool. The developers should copy and paste the programs into that folder. Once the folder is locked, the developers can’t send their programs when the folder is locked. Now, release engineer will compile, compress and then build a software. Now he will only install the software inside the test environment (testing server) and sends a mail to the testing team. The testing team starts testing on the software. If they find bugs, they report it to the developers.

The release engineer performs 2 functions,

  1. Manages source code
  2. Create a build and they install in the test environment

Whenever the Release Engineer compiles the program, if the program does not compile then he will send the program back to the developers and ask them to check (or) not to send that program at that particular build.

When do we need a Release Engineer?

  1. The product or project is complex and big.
  2. When numbers of developers are there to work on a project.