List of urls accessed from your PC using CMD

list of url accessed through DNS

How can we get the list of websites accessed through my System Internet?

Every time your system access a page through the internet it cached the IP-address in the DNS. So that next time it will serve the same ip-address from DNS not by hitting the name-resolver. So DNS have all the URL and related information accessed through the browser or any other software.

But if you reboot your system or flush DNS all these information will be deleted.

So how to access these URLs from DNS.

We can use ipconfig command in CMD.

Displays all current TCP/IP network configuration values and refreshes Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Domain Name System (DNS) settings. Used without parameters, ipconfig displays Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) and IPv6 addresses, subnet mask, and default gateway for all adapters.

ipconfig [/allcompartments] [/all] [/renew [<Adapter>]] [/release [<Adapter>]] [/renew6[<Adapter>]] [/release6 [<Adapter>]] [/flushdns] [/displaydns] [/registerdns] [/showclassid <Adapter>] [/setclassid <Adapter> [<ClassID>]]

Follow the below-mentioned steps one by one:-

First, open you CMD i.e Command prompt in administrator mode.


Open Command Prompt in "Run as Administrator" mode
Open Command Prompt in “Run as Administrator” mode



Now run “ipconfig /displaydns” in command prompt.ipconfig command

This command will displays the contents of the DNS client resolver cache, which includes both entries preloaded from the local Hosts file and any recently obtained resource records for name queries resolved by the computer. The DNS Client service uses this information to resolve frequently queried names quickly, before querying its configured DNS servers.


Now you will get the list of websites accessed through your System internet, cached in DNS.

list of url accessed through DNS


It will be difficult to read all this in command prompt. To read this information we save this output in a file.

To save the output in a file you can run below-mentioned command.

C:\WINDOWS\system32>ipconfig /displaydns > activity.txt

Now you will get a file activity.txt at the below-mentioned location with the output as shown in CMD.



This trick will only work if the website link is cached in DNS if you flush your DNS all these information will be deleted.

I hope you liked this trick…